Mike Kelner

Human, software developer


My name is Mikhail Kelner. I was born in Bryansk, USSR (Russia) in 1988.

My father, Alexander Kelner, worked with computers in those days (he is still doing that), so we’ve got a personal computer at home in 1992. It was very uncommon for post-USSR countries, but I would be a liar if I say that I was doing on it anything except playing games, but I definitely was raising up in the computer-healthy environment (I even remember platypus as Linux mascot).

In 2002 I became a devoted fan of series of games “FIFA Soccer” by EA and participated in development of non-official non-commercial patch “Russian league” which, obviously, was adding Russian soccer championship into the game. It was my first “create something” experience.

In middle / high school I used to be a rebel and protested against violation of students' (to be specific, mostly mine) rights, such as right to wear casual cloth in public school, to have long hair for boys and not to do janitors’ job for free (as it used to be in a post-soviet schools). It was a lot of fun.

After graduation from high school I've realized that I need to find a way to make some money for buying cigarettes. So, thanks to smoking, I’ve started to work as a self-employed web-designer. I quit smoking in a few years, but I still like to do designer's job time to time.

I was studying in Bryansk State Technical University, where I’ve met girl named Kristina and we’ve married in 2006 (believe it or not, but we are still married). At the end of the year I got my first full-time job as a software developer.

I graduated from the university in 2010. At the same year I started company “Wide-Media” with my friend Hermann Anufrikov. We had a bunch of our own internet projects and also we were creating websites for our clients. This business gave me experience in journalism, internet marketing and doing business in general.

In 2013 I immigrated from Russia to Israel with my wife and kid. Can’t say it was very easy to settle up in a new country, but we did it. It was a very interesting period of my life. If you have never been to Israel I strongly recommend to visit this country.

In 2017 we immigrated to the United States of America. I was very lucky to find the job even before my actual presence in the US, so I didn’t have a difficult choice about place of destination. So we settled up in New Jersey. In summer 2019 we moved to Texas.

I have some hobbies, such as programming (which is also my work), my video blog, photography (I make stock photos and publish them under copyleft license), shooting, playing chess, Counter Strike and FIFA Soccer.

My projects


My specialization is web development, especially (but not only) back-end component of it. I'm familiar with all aspects of web projects development and production.

I'm not looking for a new job right now, but if you have some interesting business offer send it to me via LinkedIn.

My current technology stack

I do believe, that PHP is awesome language with really good object-oriented model and I do like it with all its weirdnesses - at least if you know how to use it right. Anyway, I'm Zend Certified PHP Engineer with 10+ years experience as PHP Developer.

Zend Certified Engineer
I've built my first (almost) single-page web application with rich interface in 2008 using pure JS only. I don't have a lot of experiece with Angular or React, just because I like Backbone and Vue.js. I'm certificated Microsoft Specialist in "Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3".

Microsoft Specialist
In my everyday job I'm using different services by Amazonm such as Lambda, API Gateway, S3, CloudFront, ElastiCache, RDS, SES, SNS, SQS, etc. I also familiar with ECS Fargate and, of course, VPC configuration.
Laravel is the first PHP framework I really like. I've tried different frameworks, such as Zend Framework, but Laravel is the best one which convinced me to switch to it from self-made micro-framework.
I have enough knowledge in NGINX hosts configuration, proxies, etc.
There was no design in my practice, which I was not able to implement in HTML.
There is no things to say about CSS3, except the sentence "I'm very fluent in CSS".
I use Python in AWS Lambda functions in my everyday practice, but to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Python.
I've tried different approaches and self-made / inhouse solutions, but Serverless framework is a great combination of flexibility and convenience.
I used different DBMS, such as Postgres or MongoDB, but MySQL (InnoDB) is my default choice.
Programming on Go is my hobby. I wrote Zebra Sharing System on Go.
In the old days I used Backbone.js as most light JS framework. But Vue.js seems to be a good alternative which I use in new projects.
For some projects I use Node.js as server-side language.
I don't hesitate to use Redis if something should be cached or saved temporary.
I have some experiece in creation / usage of Docker images.
I know much more commands than pull and push, but, to be honest, I don't like GitHub - I prefer Bitbucket or internal GitLab.
I started to work with graphics when I was 14 years old. Since that time I've created design for more than 100 websites.
LESS is amazing, I've built some very impressive things with it.
I'm fluent user of Linux with basic system administrator's skills.


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